Amount: $1,000 to $12,000 Website: Information: Open to students in grades 10 to 12 across Canada, giving its winners the chance to pursue their postsecondary studies in French. This year’s topic […]
Amount: $1,000 Website: Information: Open to high school seniors. Due date: December 15th, 2021
Amount: $3,000 Website: Information: Write an essay (750 to 1500 words) with the title “The Goals I Will Achieve in 10 Years”. Due Date: December 15th, 2021
CRHS only – Hillsborough Seniors Citizens Club Bursary Amount: $200 Information: The scholarships will be awarded to a CRHS grad going to post-secondary in the fall. Due date: May 29th, 2022 Attachment: […]
Amount: $2,500 (three available) Website: Information: Grade 12 student in the Maritimes and will continue post-secondary education at a Maritime institution (college or university) in a field that will enhance research […]
Amount: up to $100,000 over 4 years Website: Information: Have a minimum of 85% with strong community leadership. Due date: October 13th, 2021
Amount: up to $70,000 Website: Information: Open to students across Canada who have a minimum overall grade average of 75% and have demonstrated community leadership. Due date: November 15th, 2021
Amount: $5,000 each Website: Information:  Student with financial need ($65,000 or less annual net income per family) and be involved in co-curricular and community service activities. Due date: October 25th, 2021
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If you are a representative from an organization offering scholarship(s) this year, please contact Julie Doucette, Educational Support Teacher – Guidance with ASD-E, at to have your award(s) posted on this site.